your bucket list

Your Bucket List

What do you think of when you hear the term “bucket list”? We usually think of new and grand adventures, traveling distant lands.  But what about Your Bucket List when it comes to cleaning your home…

Is Getting Your House in Order on Your Bucket List? 

Let’s take a list of a few  – some common, some not-so-common – items on people’s bucket list: learning various languages, eating exotic foods, diving off or climbing things we really shouldn’t dive off or climb, write your first novel, become more spiritual, visit one of the seven wonders of the world, become healthier, a vegetarian, a vegan, run a marathon, create your own cookbook, try all the recipes in your favorite cookbook, attend the Summer Olympics, go crazy in Las Vegas, go crazy in a Caribbean Carnival, get over your fear of snakes, learn how to become a confident public speaker, finally start your own business, finish college, get your Ph. D, learn how to play chess, take a course on financial investments, grow your own garden, clean out that attic…

What?  That last part is not on your bucket list?  But why not?  Granted, we’re so busy thinking of distant lands we want to conquer, but have we conquered what lays right in front of us?  Perhaps we have things we can “discover” right in our own homes.  By definition, a bucket list is simply “a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime”.  Why can’t that achievement be to finally get your garage in order?

What “Dragons” in Your Home Need to be Slain? 

I won’t deprive you of your desire to climb the highest mountain or dive out of the plane, but I’m certain, there are things right in your home that have been overlooked for weeks…months…years even.  How rewarding would that be if you finally decided to tackle that area, room or perhaps your whole place!

Shall We Begin?

So it’s not too overwhelming I’ll break it down into parts, just to give you a few ideas of where some of those “dragons” may be lingering:

The Outside of Your House Wants You to Finally … your bucket list

  • give it a paint job
  • repair the fence
  • paint the fence
  • put up a fence
  • pull the weeds
  • take better care of the lawn
  • spruce up the garden
  • plant a garden
  • repave the driveway
  • clean the gutters
  • repair and paint the shutters
  • completely clean out the garage
  • paint the garage
  • remodel the garage and finally turn it into the studio, office, or exercise room you’ve been talking about
  • touch up the patio
  • finally set up the play gym
  • finally, take down the play gym
  • watch a YouTube video on how to install the outdoor BBQ grill…then actually install it!


The Inside of Your House or Apartment Wants You to Finally…

  • paint all the rooms
  • clean out the attic and get rid of the stuff you’ve been holding onto for the last 20 years
  • redo the stairs
  • clean out and organize your kitchen pantry
  • but that lovely new Whirlpool refrigerator
  • red the kitchen cabinets
  • remodel the kitchen
  • pull up the carpet and replace with hardwood floors
  • put down a new carpet
  • spruce up your living room and dining room
  • clean the inside and outside of all your windows
  • regrout the bathroom shower your bucket list
  • decorate the bathroom walls with tile, wallpaper or a fresh coat of paint
  • do a thorough cleaning of all your bedrooms…especially under the bed
  • finally get rid of the clothes you haven’t worn in the last 5+ years
  • discard all those unread magazines…all of them
  • donate all those unread books…you know…the ones you keep saying you’ll read but don’t
  • put those loose pictures into a nice photo album
  • give a thorough cleaning of your pet’s bedding, dishes, corner, etc.

The Bucket Overfloweth

WOW!!!  Wasn’t that just exhilarating!  Almost as exciting as white-water rafting…no?  Okay, not the same…but imagine actually accomplishing some the items listed…Now, you may be thinking, “Isn’t this just Spring Cleaning?” Well, there are certainly some items on the list that could easily fall into that category.

But to me, Spring cleaning are things that you have to do no matter how you feel.  Unless I want to b drenched with sweat all Summer long, I have to put away my Winter clothes to make room for my Summer clothes.  Get it?  The Bucket Lists are just those things that don’t necessarily have to be done immediately or even in the near future, which is why the contents of your attic may look as if they have been around for centuries!  But if I was to guess, I’m sure you have a nagging feeling every time you pass that “spot”.  My “spot” is my back storage closet; I often joke that there are little monsters living back there, but that’s for another post…

So, did any ideas come to mind on what you may need to be added to your own Bucket List?  For me, one thing that I’ll put on my Bucket List will be to finally organize my photos.  They span decades and I easily have hundreds of photos just stuffed in cloth bags.  Now, if I was really smart, I would at least put them in a bag with some sort of closure to prevent the pictures from spilling out…you see where I’m going with this, right…

Needless to say, I have accumulated a bunch of cloth bags with all sorts of pictures just shoved in the bag.  They used to be sorted into groups; alas, that system has parted way.  No more!  Those pictures hold fond memories, so it’s time to get that in order!  And maybe, if there’s time after I finish, I’ll jump out of a plane just for fun!

I always love hearing back from you, so feel free to share some of your Bucket List ideas for making your house a clutter-free zone.  Once you get your Bucket List, read through ways you can speed clean your home.

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