The Diary of Your Linen Closet

The Diary of Your Linen Closet

You know it’s there; sometimes you use it several times in a week, so you can’t pretend that it doesn’t exist.  But you make every effort to pretend because it just looks embarrassing!  Well, the pretending is over!  Your linen closet speaks, and it has quite a lot on its mind.  So read The Diary Of Your Linen Closet if you dare… just don’t ask it for any face towels to wipe the tears!

Your Linen Closet Exposed!

The beautiful picture to your right conjures up in your mind a feeling of peace and tranquility; neat, orderly and a very relaxing place.  Perhaps there’s even soft music playing in the background, with the gentle scent of mint, and a masseuse waiting to be summoned.  Does this accurately describe your space? Maybe not, but it’s okay to dream a little…

Most often than not, our linen closets have become that “thing” at the end of the hallway, and the days of a linen closet just being a linen closet seem to be fading.  Many people have more than just their linen stashed away in their closet.  It’s more like the “other” closet.

The reality is that if you have a small studio or 1-bedroom apartment – especially in New York City – a linen closet may be more of a “luxury” than what’s considered a necessity., almost like a parking space.  It used to be having a gym was the big draw. But now, if they come with a dishwasher and a linen closet, we’re overjoyed.

So for those chosen few who have a real life linen closet in their apartment, what is the state of appairs?  Sometimes people think that living in a house gives you a lot more space, which will automatically make everything nice and neat.  Ah…not quite!

Linen Closet MayhemThe Diary Of Your Linen Closet

So for those chosen few who have a real life linen closet – whether you live in an apartment or house – what does that linen closet look like on a daily basis? Is it something that you would proudly flash on Pinterest or Instagram, or has it become a source of shame?  Perhaps to avoid having to justify the disarray, you’re renamed it the storage closet…or “other”.

Are your sheets neatly folded with all sets together, or are they just in lying on the shelves in a sad little heap?  Does it take a  few minutes to find matching towels and washcloths…oh…you don’t even know if you have washcloths! What’s a washcloth?  Do you have your important papers stashed away in the corners of shoe boxes?  Maybe you’ve tossed a few of your sandals and slippers on the bottom…

Now, I know this is your home sweet home, so I believe that you should feel as comfortable as you want to be and not feel as if you’re in a museum. But I do believe in order.  To me, that adds to the attractiveness of any place or space.  What’s really interesting is that sometimes, we can leave things for months (years?) before attempting to organize, whether it’s a room, closet or space, only to find that it didn’t really take that much time. Diary of Your Linen Closet

I’ll gladly share some tips on how to straighten up and keep your linen closet organized in an upcoming post. But for now, let us wander into the Twilight Zone for a minute and pretend that the linen closets around the world are communicating with one another!  GASP!!! What could the possibly say!  The secrets they would have on us!  So sit back and let us take a peek into

The Diary of Your Linen Closet:

“Dude, I’m a linen closet!!!  Not your extra kitchen cabinet to store your plastic containers.  A linen closet!”

“Are you aware that you have towels and washcloths hiding in my corner for a few years now, that you have never used?”

“Ah…remember when you were frantically searching the trunk of your car for the jumper cables? Well, I have them…you put them in a red bucket last year and shoved them in my corner.  They now have cobwebs”

“Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  You finally decided to clean me up a bit!!

“Help!  I’m suffocating with all the towels and sheets that you shoved onto my shelves!”

“Do you actually know the difference between a bath towel, a hand towel, and a washcloth?
Do you even care?” The Diary Of Your Linen Closet

“Bed, Bath, and Beyond is having a super sale this weekend!  If you have any feelings for me, you’ll go and buy some pretty things for me!”

“You know…I wouldn’t mind if you wanted to spruce me up a bit…just a thought…”

“Oh, great…you washed those drab and dreary looking towels that you’ve had for over 10 years …nope…make that over 15 years.  Yeah, I’m glad to see them again.  No, really, I’m so glad.”

“I get it, space is a little tight.  No judgment here, but your socks…seriously?”

“Trust me: color coding is NOT over-rated!”

“You know that family that you keep trying to compete with…the Jones? All their closets are absolutely fabulous!  And their linen closet has a light and a little basket of potpourri.”

“I feel pretty!  Oh so pretty!  I feel pretty and giddy, and bright!”

“OK…I don’t mind that you have the family size paper towels and toilet paper in here…really.  But do you have to put the plastic cups, plates, and utensils in here also?  Why do I have to get all the kitchen’s leftovers!”

“It really doesn’t take that long to fold a towel…really.”

“I’m not going to be ignored, Dan!”

“Walmart!  Go to Walmart!”

“Enough with the mismatched sheets already!”

“Sure…reorganized your sock drawer again…I don’t mind.”

“Can I make a suggestion?  Why not put the things you don’t use too often on my top shelf, and the things you use regularly on my shelves that you can reach.  Make sense?”

Whew!  Who knew our linen closet had so much on their minds!  But I hope that as you read some of their gripes (hey, I’m just a messenger) you might have picked up of a few tips to get your own linen closet looking good enough to get the Good Housekeeping’s seal of approval.

It’s really not that difficult folks.  Stay tuned for some practicals on how you can get your linen closet looking camera ready.!  And feel free to share any outbursts you may have heard from your own linen closet!

Until next time, be safe… be merry … and keep the clutter in the gutter!!!







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