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The Best Way to Organize Your Closet – No Degree Required!!!

We’ve all seen them…articles upon articles…pages upon pages…a sneak peek into the minds of
“experts” from well known and respected magazines like Good Housekeeping, O, Better Homes and Gardens and the like, sharing tips on the best way to organize your closet.

The Experts Chime In…..

Most are familiar with Oprah’s closet tip: turn the hangers the opposite way, so by the end of the season or year, you know which clothes you’ve worn, and which ones just stayed in the closet.  The first time I read this, I thought, “How genius!” Granted, I never used that technique, but I still think it’s brilliant.

Hmm…I can hear the whispers and the murmurs…the unasked question hovering in the air…..”So if it’s such a genius idea, why haven’t you tried it for yourself?”  Perhaps, since there seems to be so little order in my life, I refuse to allow hangers – even the nice velvet ones – to have any authority over me.

Maybe, I’m secretly afraid that I’ll actually forget which hangers represent which clothes: are the hangers facing inward the clothes that I’ve worn, and the ones facing outward the ones that I haven’t, or is it the reverse?  I also have this “issue” – anal retentive, obsession, psychotic tendencies – that has me wanting to make sure that everything is lined up and orderly, so hangers facing in different directions may just cause me to loose sleep….but again, genius idea! the best way to organize your closet

So, here you are, still trying to figure out the best way to organize your closet…preferably before the Summer of 2020!!!

There is a slew of magazines, which one fits with your personality? Who, of all the experts, really “speaks” to you? To the untrained eye, it would seem a fairly easy task, after all, it’s just a closet…or is it? Well, of course, it is!!!  But, it does symbolize so much more than just a warehouse for your clothes.

It’s the one thing that greets you, each and every morning, bad breath, tousled hair, whatever. And as it greets you, it lays out for you, endless possibilities, a “forecast” if you will, of what lies ahead.  “Oh no!  You can’t possibly wear that outfit today, it’s much too girly. Remember, you’re meeting with the big guns today, you need something a lot more mature.”  Or, “Hmm…that’s a great outfit, but the color is just wrong!”

On and on…do you see where I’m going with this?   Oh, and for the chosen few (not me) who have the luxury of having a mirror in your closet…well, that’s just another lingo altogether.  Only our closets know the depth of our hat fetish, or what lurks within it’s deep, dark corners…ah, the secrets our closet have on us…too countless to tell…

So, what is the best way? 

I know…..The suspense is killing you (or perhaps it’s just annoying the heck out of you). So what is it?  What’s the secret…what is the profound secret of centuries long gone…I had a good friend tell me once, something really profound: There’s a good way, a better way, and then there’s the best way. the best way to clean your closet

The best way is your way!  Huh?!  Yep…..you read that correctly. Let’s analyze this: the truth is, Good Housekeeping has it right and so does Better Homes and Gardens, and Women’s World and of course Oprah has it right, along with countless other magazines with their expert opinions and advice.

Allow me to digress a little, lest I sound as if I’m ridiculing the organizing gods…Many of us have read a number of motivational and self-help books in our lifetime. Correct?  You read them, are inspired by them, are motivated and empowered by them, and feel as if you can soar with the eagles and scale the highest mountains. But do you believe and act on each and every word?  Of course not!  You may agree with the teachings of particular or several authors, but it’s unlikely you agree with everything they wrote, nor are you going to do everything they say.

One says, write out your goals; another says speak your goal; read your goals in the morning; read your goal at night…..I think if we tried to follow every word of every book we ever read, well, we wouldn’t need our closets, because we would probably be living in a very large building that has a number of people dressed in white, and our rooms would have padded walls…..just a theory…..

So many different views: are just a few right and the others wrong, or are the majority right, with a few wrong. Yes and no. Some would be perfect for you, during a specific time of your life, and others would be perfectly wrong at another.  I believe that just as you read different books, and glean from them whatever you can apply to your current situation, you can take different expert advice, and make it your own.

Combine Good Housekeeping along with O: The Oprah Magazine …..why not! Wanna mix Martha Stewart Living with Women’s World…..go for it!!!  Hey, if Martha Stewart and Snoop Dog can have a show together, I think we can mix-n-match here!  

You really are the BEST expert for you!!!

We already know this, but I’ll say it here: we are living in an age of information overload! Facebook ….. Google ….. Pinterest ….. YouTube ….. Yahoo….. magazines ….. blogs….. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love having so many options to choose from, and I really appreciate the speed at which I can receive information 24/7.  But, at times, it can be a little overwhelming…..OK, very overwhelming!  One person’s “best” can be someone else’s “blah.” the best way to organize your closet

It’s all about trial and error; this is definitely not a quick fix overnight cleanup.  You’ll have to dedicate time to rummage through the endless piles of rubble, also known as your clothes, accepting the fact that you may have to discard some “BFF”, those certain items that you thought you’d keep forever.  And in some instances, you’ll be able to hold tight to other items that you thought you would never embrace.

Perhaps you were totally against adding shelves in your closet before, but now, 3 years later, your life has changed, and you may actually need additional space.  Or maybe you went from being the only one using your closet to sharing, or vice versa.  This “dance” will probably be repeated several times until you find a match that’s just right for you…..until you find your “best”!

I’d love to hear from you!  Feel free to leave a comment below on some of your “best” ways you organize your closet.

Remember, life is too short for a messy closet…keep it clean!!!


I would love to hear from you, so feel free to leave your comments below.

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