shoe organizer ideas

Shoe Organizer Ideas

Does your cup overfloweth … with shoes! Do you have more mismatches shoe than ones that actually match? Keep reading Shoe Organizer Ideas to see if the shoe fits … and if it does, put it it’s proper place!

Do You Take This Shoe… To Have And To Hold…

Shoes…we love ’em…need ’em…want more…and some – perhaps just a very small population – will even forfeit or drastically reduce their food intake just to buy the “right” shoe.  Being a lover of good-tasting food, I certainly would not advocate this behavior.

However, I can’t but notice how this could actually be a win/win situation: slim down and shed that winter weight while being able to get the shoes we so desire…I’m just sayin’…

So before I go into some shoe organizer ideas, let me take you on a journey, as I share with you, my love/hate relationship with shoes over the years…

Just Call Me Big Foot

Although I’ve always liked shoes, my feet kept me from wearing the stylish ones that most girls my age were wearing.  You may be asking the question: Why?   Because as I grew in height my feet grew as well, and they kept growing…and growing…I went from a size 10 in 10th grade, size 11 in 11th grade and then, or the grand finale… size 12 in 12th grade!!!

You can’t make this up folks!  There were several awkward years, primarily because I didn’t know where to buy good quality, stylish shoes.  But once I got older and started working, I found places that catered to women with larger shoe sizes, also known as shoes for the “tall gals”.

That’s when I developed a love of fine Italian leather shoes.  So, with this new assortment of beautiful shoes, storing them became somewhat of a hassle, and at times, I had to find creative ways to organize my shoes.

I know I am not alone, so in an ode to my size 12 feet, we’re going to look at 12 of my favorite functional and creative shoe organizer ideas…just click your Jimmy Choo heels three times and let’s follow that yellow brick road!

Creative Ways to Organize Shoes

1) Shoe Racks  

Well…of course, shoe racks!!!  That was an obvious one, but now, it’s just a matter of finding the right shoe rack that fits into your space.

Tip: You want one that’s large enough for your shoes, but will also give you easy access as well.  Check out my review of one of my favorites: the
Soydynee 50 Pair Shoe Rack.

2) Labeling 

If you have a large enough closet to keep the shoe boxes, label them.  Write the date you bought them, that way you’ll know exactly how long you’ve had the shoes. Clear shoe boxes are great, but if you’re just using the cardboard boxes, you may want to take pictures of the shoes, so you know what’s inside.

Tip: If you’re unable to keep any of the boxes, use a marker on the arched part of the sole.

3) Heel/Toe  

For any of us whom may have taken any form of square dancing (don’t ask me why, when or why…but I did) you’re familiar with the ole heel/toe move.  So now, you can apply it to arranging your shoes.

For those who don’t know: instead of having all your shoes pointing outward, you alternate with one shoe facing out, another shoe facing in, it really does add extra space.

Tip: For sandals and flip-flops, I usually just stand them up on their side.

4) Under the Bed

Under the bed shoe organizers are inexpensive and a great space-saver.  My only issue is that with my size 12 shoes, they don’t fit into the cute compartments.  Solution?  Either use dresser drawers that you may have wanted to discard, or pick p some under bed containers. They will keep things neat and orderly, and you’ll be able to organize them by category if you want.

Tip: If you don’t have either, ask friends or family.  For those who are a bit more crafty, you can actually make your own using cardboard boxes, then use wallpaper for the lining.

5) Baskets-n-Buckets 

I really can’t fully express my love of baskets!  No matter the shape, size or color, I want them all!!!  Your space will determine the size you can use, but just think about all the assortment of colors you can use!

Tip: To avoid shoes getting all jumbled, you can use either rubber bands or pipe cleans to keep pairs together.

6) Bag It

Some of you may have more handbags that you can actually handle (read more on finding the best handbag for your lifestyle)…why not fill them with your shoes!  I have a beautiful and sturdy straw bag that I never used, so I made it my storage for sandals and flats during the warmer months, and gloves and hats for the older ones.

Tip: An alternative would be to use a sturdy plastic or cloth bag (cloth is preferable since it will allow your shoes to breathe), or use any mismatched pillowcases.

7) Door or Wall Space 

In looking for ways to create more space for your shoes, why not look to using the doors or walls in your closet!  You can hang up expandable pegged “coat” racks and hang up some shoes.

Tip: You should be able to find these pegged coat racks at most variety stores.
If you can’t find them right away, use a 3″ nail instead.  The picture above is more for decorative purposes, but it could still prove to be functional.

8) Couches

Whether you have Chadwick Sofa from Ethan Allen or a futon from Ikea, you could probably use the space underneath for storage.  Perhaps you can place shoes worn often under the couch in the living room, so you’ll have easy access to them.

Tip: You can use the same tip as the one mentioned for under the bed storage, but keep in mind your couch may not be as high as your bed, so just make sure to measure the height from floor to the base of the couch.

If you don’t have a couch cover to conceal the box, find some inexpensive wallpaper that matches the room, and cover the container or box, so then it’ll just look like a fancy storage unit.

9) Tables

No…..not on top of the table, underneath!!!  Just like storing under the bed or couch, but you’ll have a lot more room. Once you’ve created your shoe storage, just throw on a nice tablecloth for disguise.

Tip: This can really give you a lot of room, and you can use different items (containers, bins, etc).  But just because it’s out of sight, make sure to keep it neat, orderly, and that you have easy access to all your shoes.  If you have to dig through too much stuff you’re more likely to create a mess.

10) Pillow Cases 

I know….this is a bit of a stretch, but this can be used for those extreme cases where space is really hard to find.  Find a decorative pillow case, then put an unused towel or sheet inside first, then put some shoes inside.

I would advise you not to place these pillows on the bed!  These would be your decorative floor or couch pillows.  Also, make sure to wipe off the soles before placing them in the pillowcases.

Tip: If you can’t find any decorative pillow that matches your decor, make your own!  You’re more likely to find the perfect pattern that matches your decor.  If you’re not big on sewing, just sew on a few buttons in strategic spots to keep the pillow closed.  You may even just be able to tie it in the back, no one will ever see it.  This may appeal more to the artistically inclined, but really, anyone can do this.

11) Towel Racks

I think this is such a cute idea!  Install the racks as you normally would, then just slide the shoes between the rack and the wall.  Easy breezy!

Tip: Make sure to place a mat under each of the racks to catch any dirt or water that may fall.

12) Drumroll, please……Chairs!! 

OK, this may sound a bit too crazy, but before you take a vow to never read any of my posts again, bear with me here…

I saw a picture of someone who had a wooden chair that they wanted to use to keep certain items, but instead of just piling the items up on the items on the chair, the hung the chair on the wall…..upsidedown!!!

It’s just so crazy and outlandish…..I love it!!!  Granted, this is not for everybody, but it just goes to show that there are so many inventive ways to create space.

Tip: Well, this is a new one for me…..just make sure that after nailing the chair to the wall, that it’s absolutely sturdy, before placing any shoes on it, and try not to place anything too heavy.  It may be a good place for your Winter boots, but don’t try to pile on 10 more pairs of shoes.  As an added bonus, you can use the legs to hang raincoats, hats, and scarves!

Well, I hoped you enjoyed this list and perhaps discovered some inventive ways to keep your shoes in order. And for more creative ideas, make sure to search Pinterest for some DIY shoe organizing ideas.  I’d love to hear any of your creative ideas for keeping your shoes in order… oh, and if anyone tries #12, please send me a picture!!!

Until next time, be safe… be merry … and keep the clutter in the gutter!!!












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