Best Handbag for You

Handbag Heaven

Get Rid Of Your Excess Baggage We love ’em…need ’em…never seem to have enough of ’em…We can get them to match our shoes, outfits, cars, luggage, and hairstyles.  the colors, fabrics, and styles are endless!  Handbag Heaven… that just sounds like a place you would want to live, or at least vacation for a while! […]

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About Veronica (aka Vee)

Greetings!  You made your way to my site, Clutter-Free With Vee (short for Veronica)! Finally, you can exhale and relax, because we’re about to embark on an incredible journey together! You’ve entered a world where everything is in order, clean, and looks fabulous… and you can eat cake without gaining a pound (OK… maybe not […]

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animation of elephant in a refrigerator

How to Clean Out Your Refrigerator

It’s’s bold…and it will not be ignored!  We use them several times throughout the day, but we can sometimes treat our refrigerators like the white elephant in the room, and hope that by ignoring it, somehow, the spills will just clean themselves.  Whether you only have a few minutes to spare or you have enough […]

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your bucket list

Your Bucket List

What do you think of when you hear the term “bucket list”? We usually think of new and grand adventures, traveling distant lands.  But what about Your Bucket List when it comes to cleaning your home… Is Getting Your House in Order on Your Bucket List?  Let’s take a list of a few  – some common, […]

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handbag on table with plant

It’s In The Bag

For many, we just can’t get enough, but the love affair carries a hefty price.  The term “it’s in the bag” often refers to there being a strong possibility that something favorable will happen.  Read on to see how you can make your space favorably efficient to store all your lovely handbags. Why All the […]

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