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It’s In The Bag

For many, we just can’t get enough, but the love affair carries a hefty price.  The term “it’s in the bag” often refers to there being a strong possibility that something favorable will happen.  Read on to see how you can make your space favorably efficient to store all your lovely handbags.

Why All the Handbags, Anyway…

“I’m just looking for that one classic handbag.”

“I know I already have a green one, but the one I have is more of a bluish green.  I need an emerald green to match my cocktail dress.”

“Oh…but it’s 25% off!”

“I’m just tired of using the same ole handbag, day after day…”

“All my handbags are just too clunky!”

“I know…I have way too many handbags, but I need a variety to match my mood.”

“Every time I have a nice event to go to, I never seem to have a nice enough handbag.  I’ll have to catch that sale this weekend.”

“I really need to find a place to put all my handbags!”

Do any of those statements sound familiar!  I know…YOU never said any of them, but perhaps you know of a friend or co-worker that expressed some issues with maintaining the order of their handbags, or maybe they just ran out of room!  There are a lot of practical ways to store handbags – containers, bins, boxes, etc. – but let’s dive into something a little different.  Let’s take a look at…

Creative Ways to Organize Your Handbags

Garbage Bins: Yes, you heard that right…Now, just to be clear, you don’t want to use on that old and smelly! But sometimes, you may find that you bought one that you no longer need, and it’s almost like new.

I can’t remember how this happened, but at some point, I had two brand new plastic garbage bins, I think my housemate at the time and I each bought one.  The one I bought never got used so I would use it to store miscellaneous items.  It had a lot more depth than your usual container, so it was a perfect storage bin.  Most plastic garbage bins are either black or white, so get creative!  You can use either wallpaper or spray paint to decorate the outside.

Bag in a Bag: I use this method regularly: just use a large, soft bag that you hardly use, and place other bags inside.  I seem to have a never-ending supply of those recyclable bags, so I keep them separate from my cloth totes. No need to have those larger bags hanging around…use them!

Towel Racks: This is a nice alternative to having all your handbags shoved in your closet.  You can either attach the towel rack to the back of your bedroom door or find a nice wall space.  Just make sure you buy a towel rack that’s large enough for the amount of bags you want to use.  You’ll always need to create a system that will make it easier to get to your handbags.

Coat Racks: Sure…get a free-standing coat rack to use just for your handbags.  but remember, this is just for your handbags; a coat rack with coats, handbags, scarves, and other miscellaneous items is just too messy.  Keep it simple.

Table Display: Think boutique!  The amount of space you have will determine how big a table you can use, but this will definitely make it easier to get your handbags.  Instead of just piling all your handbags in a heap, you can use containers, bins, or baskets for the smaller items.  And what’s really great, is that you can place a nice tablecloth on top, and the space below for added storage!

Dresser Drawers:  Whether you an empty drawer in your dresser (hey, it could happen!) or you’re getting rid of an old dresser but the drawers are still in good shape, they would make for an excellent storage for your handbags. Instead of buying under-the-bed containers, you can use those drawers as storage just for your handbags.  If you want to take on a project, why not turn those drawers into shelves!  What makes them an even better choice than actual shelves is that the drawers have sides, so you wouldn’t have to worry about anything falling over.

Top Shelf of Closet: Now, this may not seem so inventive…’cause it’s not.  But how you make this space can be!  I like to color-code my sweaters on the top shelf.  I tend to just leave them there all year long, it just makes it easier. So why not do the same with your handbags?  You can place as many dividers as you need, and stack up your handbags, with the darker colors on the bottom and the light ones on top.  You can also arrange them by seasons.

If you like the idea of keeping your sweaters or other bulky items on the top shelf, perhaps you can install another shelf, with the sweater on the bottom, and your handbags on top with the dividers.

Luggage: I don’t know how this happens, but many of us seem to have one of two pieces of luggage that we just don’t use.  Instead of giving them away, use them to store your off-season handbags.  Or maybe, like the table, you can have it on display, perhaps place the luggage on a bench so at least you don’t have to stoop down every tie you want to use a handbag.  Plus, if it’s elevated, it’s less likely to turn into a pile of rubble.

Wall Grids:  This something I started to use years ago.  I used to work in the garment center in New York City for a Buying Office; when the owner decided to close the business, he allowed us to pick whatever items we wanted from the showroom.  It was like a great yard sale, but everything was free!

I was wise enough to keep two of the wall grids, even though at the time, I wasn’t really sure how I would use them. Well, it didn’t take me long to find a way to make use out of them, so I now have all of my handbags hanging from this grid.  The bags are easy to get to and easy to keep neat.

And last but not least…Create your own hammock: This is definitely a bit quirky, but it’s your space, so you can make it as conservative or crazy as you want!  Just be mindful not to make the hammock too high, if your handbags are placed somewhere that’s just too inconvenient to get to, it will be easier for a mess to be made.

There are many ways to organize your handbags, but these are just my Top 10 picks.  Hope that you were able to find a few creative ideas that you’ll be to implement.

I would love to hear from you, so please feel free to leave your comments below.

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