How to Organize Your Closet – Without Leaving the Couch!!!

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So here we are…into the 3rd week already of 2017! For many of us, the new year brings the hope of new beginnings … transformations … possibilities … optimism … adventure … For many others, those new year’s resolutions that we swore we would keep, no matter what, have…well…fizzled and flattened like the champagne left in an open bottle.

Despite looking towards new horizons, we can’t help – in some instances – to look back to what was left behind in 2016, whether unmet dreams, responsibilities, things still to do on our Bucket List  …and clutter...Now, I’m not trying to paint a picture of gloom and doom here, but the reality is that many of us came into the new year with…ah…extra baggage, so to speak.  The merriment and cheer of the holidays didn’t quite leave us enough time to get ALL that we wanted to get accomplished, before the start of the new year.

So how does this relate to organizing your closet?

My claim is that this can be done, without having to lift a finger.  I know…I know…this may seem like an impossibility, something like a “one size fits all” (Can someone tell me how a person size 2 can wear the exact same thing a person size 18 wears please).  But in reality, finding easy ways to organize your closet begins long before you put on your rubber gloves, pick up your first trash bag, or start making your piles of “to keep” or “to trash”.

It’s safe to say that, deep down, the majority of people desire their home to be orderly.  Regardless of whether people prefer to keep their home hospital-like sanitized, or have a more relaxed “vibe”, people like some sort of order.  Have you ever heard anyone say, “Gee, I really enjoy taking an extra 10 minutes each morning looking for my keys!  It really makes my day!”

Or, how about, “I really don’t HAVE to wear the same type of shoe…who’s really gonna notice that I’m wearing a red shoe on one foot and black shoes on the other…I’m sitting at my desk most of the day anyway…” Different colored socks are one thing (is that the trend these days?) but different colored shoes … Nah!  So, generally speaking, if people desire some sort of order, what’s the holdup…


Getting started…putting the one foot in front of the other…In wanting to start a new health regimen, how many times have you heard, “I’ll start tomorrow.”?  Perhaps you yourself have voiced those very words, I know I have. Interestingly enough, “tomorrow”, however, has been altered a bit, and usually means a few days later, or even a week…but I digress…

In dealing with how to organize your closet, often, the mound of stuff looks to be as daunting as climbing Mount Everest, minus the frostbite.  So, through wishful thinking, as an alternative, people do nothing, hoping that by osmosis, the clothes will reshuffle themselves (color coded of course). Unless you’re Mary Poppins, it ain’t gonna happen (just take a spoonful of sugar to let that really go down).

So, back to that couch…

Yes, you really can start to organize your closet, right from the comfort of your La-Z-Boy recliner. You can do this, because it all starts with thinking through, exactly what needs to be done.  You may be a skilled cook that doesn’t need to read the recipe, but you still need to buy the ingredients, don’t you!.  Before you jump in and attack your closet, sit back and relax, and let’s go through the basic A-B-C’s of organizing your closet:

Assess: To assess is to take the time to “evaluate or estimate the nature, ability, or quality of”…in this case, your closet. This is where we have to “keep it real”, or “take stock”, and acknowledge that there is a mess that needs to be cleaned, organized, gutted…whatever!  But accept that you, and you alone, have to complete the task.  Take time to assess what really needs to be done and the time frame you’ll need to complete the task.  This is no time to get sentimental…you have to get ruthless, even if it’s just temporarily.

Benefit:  Think about the benefits of your closet looking spectacular!  How would your morning be different, if your closet was in order?  How much time would you save?  How would you feel knowing that you FINALLY got rid of those outdated, unworn outfits?  What about just having peace of mind?  Perhaps, you secretly desired to enter a “Best Closet of the Month” $1,000 sweepstakes (hey, it could happen).

Sometimes, just saying, “I gotta clean this mess!” may not be sufficient motivation for you.  And that’s OK.  Without taking the time to really think about the benefit of a more organized closet, it could prove to be a monotonous chore.  Your “benefit” may simply be the satisfaction of knowing that you have slain your own “giant”! Whatever it is, find it, and hold it tight!

Commit:  We can talk about it…dream about it…put up pretty pictures…take an assessment…think about the benefits…even chant a mantra like, “Veronica-is-so-wonderful-uuuuuummmmm”.  All that is great (especially the chanting), but until we decide to commit, it probably won’t materialize.

Granted, we may have some small success, but without the commitment, it will probably be short-lived.  I’ve heard it said once, that people can be so quick to honor commitments they make with other people, but fail to honor the commitments they make to themselves. Ouch!!!

Commit…Commit because you deserve a more organized life; if you share your closet with someone, they definitely deserve it…Notice how taking assessment comes BEFORE making the commitment; if you commit before taking inventory, it will probably shatter very easily.  Just commit…

There you have it, folks!  The A-B-C’s of organizing your closet…it’s really not as daunting as we make it out to be, we just need to take the baby steps along the way (well, technically, you’re still on the couch, but you get what I’m saying).

Life can be quite messy at times folks…but your closet doesn’t have to be!!!

I would love to hear from you, so feel free to leave your comments below.

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