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How to Decorate Your Closet-“Bling” It On!!!

Just Add a Little “Bling”   how to decorate your closet

Here in the United States, the holidays are upon us!  I must admit, it truly is my favorite time of year! Not only was I born during the best season (Fall), but the holidays really bring out the artist in me.  Decorating has always been a great love of mine, so I hold nothing back!

So, here we are: Halloween has passed; the costumes have been put back into storage, and all that remains are a few stashes of candy (OK, maybe a lot more than a few) and some really embarrassing posts on Facebook (Yes, that was YOU dressed as Olaf from the movie Frozen!) Thanksgiving is just days away, and Christmas…well, whether we want to or not, most retailers have forced us to acknowledge that it’s soon to come, by placing countless Christmas decorations on for display and for sale…..months ago!!!

So, regardless of whether we’re experiencing unseasonably warm 60° like temperatures or not the holidays are upon us…ready or not, they are here!  With the never-ending “To Do” lists on your phone, on your fridge, and on the memo pad at your desk, here’s just one more thing to add:

How To Decorate Your Closet

OK, so that may not necessarily be the “burning” thought, but let’s talk about it, shall we?  We think about how to spruce up the table for Thanksgiving, and which ornaments to use for the tree for Christmas, so why not think of how to decorate your closet, to give it a little “bling”.  We spend countless hours decorating for holidays that only come once a year, but our closets…we use them every day, sometimes more than once a day.  Where’s the love?

Yes, you read that right…   

Yes, I’m really talking about decorating your closet.  Now, before you think me mad, I’m not referring to putting up tinsel and garland (absolutely NO judgment if you choose to do so!), but I’m certain, many of our closets could use some sprucing up a bit.

Granted, there may not be any cobwebs in the corner (or maybe there are) but when was the last time you thought of decorating your closet, giving it a little TLC.  It’s interesting to note that although we use our closets regularly, it’s the one area in our homes that often gets neglected, abused and treated with contempt. how to decorate your closet

OK, OK….using the word “contempt” may be a bit extreme, just trying to paint a picture here so bear with me…But on a serious note, where would we be without our closets?

Instead of giving it tender loving care, we use our closets to dump and discard, making our closets more like a place of disposal, instead of a storage for our clothes and other items we hold dear (still painting that picture).

We really can decorate our closets…seriously!

Think about all the time, throughout the year that we give a lot of attention to decorating: many of us decorate our faces before marching through the streets on Halloween, on the hunt for enough candy to last a lifetime; tables are giving an extra attention during Thanksgiving; anything and everything has some sort of holiday cheer during Christmas; we see nothing but hearts and roses during Valentine’s Day; eggs are painted during Easter and just about everything becomes red, white and blue during the Fourth of July.  Yep, we love to decorate!  Our closets have a huge responsibility, so why not give them some TLC and help them to become more glamorous…they deserve it!

So, where to begin...

Well, of course, your closet has to be cleaned of all and any clutter first, so, I’m going to assume, that has been done already.  If not, we’ll get to that at a later time.  I would encourage you not to try to decorate your closet on top of the mess.  Yes, it will take more time, but it will be worth it in the end.

So for now, we’re just going to focus on one thing in particular: color. Most people know that different colors not only reflect a particular mood but also our personalities.  Marketers spend millions of dollars every year to study color, to determine which colors would best sell their products or service (it’s not an accident that many fast-food places use yellow).

Although this grading system may not be etched in stone per se, for the sake of argument, let’s go with the flow.  Now, for some of you, your closets are so small, you may be thinking, “Why should I bother?” My answer, “Why not!”  Have a little fun!  Use it to express yourself!  This is your closet, you either go to it or walk in it, on a daily basis.  Why not make it what you want it to be!  The only “rules” are that there are no rules.

Just to digress a bit: for any of you lovers of The Gilmore Girls (yes, I have all 7 seasons on DVD) Rory’s best friend Lane, had this really psychedelic-looking closet (hidden from the prying eye of her mom of course), but it was totally funky and cool!  No…I am NOT suggesting strobe lights in your closets (again, if you decide to go that route, no judgment), but have fun!  Even if you feel as if your closet is just too small, you can put up some cute wallpaper, or maybe even display some of your favorite stuffed animals.

So….what will it be?

A fresh coat of paint…maybe some wallpaper… perhaps a combination of the two…how about some colorful lights…maybe an all-out funk fest to rival Lane’s closet! Regardless of your style of choice, whether calm and conservative, girly, sophisticated or just wild, embrace it!  Let your creative side roam free!  Have fun!  Go wild! But above all….just decorate!

I’d love to hear from you!  Feel free to leave your comment below in any creative ways you may have used to decorate your closet!

I would love to hear from you, feel free to leave your comments below.

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