how to declutter your home fast

How to Declutter Your Home Fast

Excuses…we make them easily…we make them often…we make excuses for the excuses…We’ve gotten to the point that we actually start to believe the excuses.  You know the ones I’m talking about, “I only gained a few pounds, I think the dryer shrunk my jeans.”  The reality is that you hung dry your jeans, and ate 5 large bags of chips and had pizza that week.  No judgment I’m just sayin’…we make excuses.

Moving  from “Can’t” to “Will do!!!” 

But this article is not about how to fit into your jeans, this article is about how to declutter your home fast!  And the best way to do that…we have to ditch the excuses!

Therese no way around it!  So, in thinking about the best way to declutter, I thought it only appropriate to discuss some of the excuses we may give, that prevents us from achieving the clutter-free home that we truly desire.  We’ll explore some of the excuses we give from not getting rid of those clothes in our closet that no longer fit, keeping tons of paper whether stuffed in cabinets too tight to close or piled high in a heap on your desk and other issues.

Top 10 Excuses, the Reality, and the Solutions to get our Lives in Ship Shape!!!

Excuse #1:  “I really want to my place in order, especially since I like to entertain.
I just don’t have the time.”

Reality:  You have a lot more time than you think.  You got your nails done…you have time…You got your hair done…you have time…you binge watched your favorite show on Netflix…you have time…

Solution:  You may not have 2-5 hour chunks of time each day, but can you spare 15 minutes?  Write down your schedule for the week and I’m sure that you’ll discover you have a lot more “pockets of time” than you realized.

Excuse #2:  “If I can’t fit into it by next year, I’ll definitely give it away…I think…”

Reality:  It’s already been 3 years since you’ve been able to wear that item, and even then it fit tight! Just let it go!

Solution:  I’m not advocating that you donate all your ill-fitting clothes, but you do need to come up with a system on how to lighten your load… in your closet…

Excuse #3:  “I’m really not a hoarder, I just love to collect things.  I’ll be able to display by things when I get a bigger place.”

Reality:  Those items that you claim to love so much, have been sitting in a box, stashed away under a pile of rubble for years.

Solution:  If you search hard enough, you can find any place that will accept donations…even used paint!  Perhaps you can put up a few shelves to display your favorites, then find an appropriate “home” for the other items (and no, I don’t mean a different box, in another corner…)

Excuse #4:  “I have the time to clean, but I really need some help and everybody is just so busy!  I doubt anyone will want to help me clean up my crap!”

Reality:  You never asked!

Solution:  Ask!!!  We may be quick to assume things about what other people can or cannot do, but unless they’ve told you personally what’s going on in their lives, we’re just making assumptions. I’ve done this often, and I’ve often been wrong.

Ask family, friends, close co-workers or neighbors, church members or any other group.; most of us know a lot more people than we realize.  One time, during an extremely difficult time in my life, I was forced to ask for help; I was pleasantly surprised at how willing people were to give extend a helping hand.  Just ask…

Excuse #5:  “I have so many used and old electronics that I want to give away, but the recycling laws are just too complicated.

Reality:  It’s really not that complicated and if you keep those items stashed away, you’ll probably forget about them, and they’ll forever sit in that space, gathering dust.

Solution:  OK…knowing what you can and cannot recycle can be somewhat confusing at times. But fear ye not… Staples to the rescue!!!  Staples will accept just about any electronics, just make sure to triple check that all data has been removed before you drop off your tablets, phone, laptop or desktop.

Excuse #6:  “Gosh, I feel as if I’m drowning in papers!  I don’t know how it got to be such a mess!”

Reality:  You know exactly how it got to be such a mess!  You failed to put things away right away, so things just became too unmanageable.

Solution: Every day you get mail, just take a few minutes to sort through it; trash the junk mail immediately and then place the other mail in appropriate bins or sorters.  Then set aside some time during the week, to go through each bin, and organize accordingly.

Excuse #7:  “I know I have just too many bottles of body wash, but I like so many different scents. It’s hard to choose just one!”

Reality:  If your space allows you to hold onto 100 different bottles of body wash, great  If not, you’ll need to reduce your collection.

Solution:  Host a body wash party!  I have a friend that just loves her body wash!  So she had some friends over once, and had her used bottles on display; everyone was able to smell each of the bottles and keep their favorites.

Excuse #8: “I don’t know why, but I always seem to buy too much food.  But you never know when there could be some sort of emergency, so I’d rather be prepared.”

Reality:  It’s always good to have extra because life happens: kids get sick, a major project at works keeps you out late, you get sick, harsh weather conditions, you meet that special someone, etc.  But if you’re buying extra on top of the extra, it’s time to scale back.

Solution:  Set aside space in your cabinet, kitchen shelf or pantry (people with a large pantry can afford to have extra, but still keep it neat and orderly); organize your space however way works for you, without using more than the “designated” space for those extra items.  When that space is full, step away…you’re done!  So you don’t go overboard when shopping, take a list with you.

Using cash is ideal since you can actually see when the money runs out; but if using a card works better for you, write down the maximum dollar amount you can spend (write it on a Post-it, then stick it to your card!)  Also, it may help to take a picture of your space before you leave, to prevent getting too much stuff.

Excuse #9:  “The rest of my place looks nice, why should I worry about how my bedroom looks when I can just keep the door closed!”

Reality: Well, if you live alone, you’re the only one who will see your mess.  But think of it this way: it’s the first room you see when you wake up in the morning and the last room you see before going to bed.  Why would you not want that space to be orderly…

Solution:  Your bedroom doesn’t have to be “museum” clean, but taking the time to get it in order can make a huge difference in your mental and physical state.  Not to gross you out, but dust mites love a messy room, especially a messy bed, so unless you want to got to bed with a thousand little critters, you may want to freshen your space just a bit.

Excuse #10:  “I’ve tried to get the kids to clean up after themselves, but it’s just too much of a hassle.”

Reality:  Repeat these words:  “I’m in charge!!!”  Say it loud say…Say it proud!!!

Solution: Come up with a system, then follow it, no matter what!  Use an app…
create charts and graphs…make a color-coded schedule…hire a clown…whatever! Now, I do not have children of my own, so I cannot attest to the day-to-day challenges that arise.  But, I was a live-in nanny for a short period of time, and over the years, I have taught and tutored children from 2nd grade to middle school.

The one thing that I do know for certain about children is that they love to participate and be in charge of something!  Make it fun and as creative as you want, and you just may be surprised at the outcome.

So…are you ready to toss those toss those excuses out the window!  I’d love to hear about any excuses you may have used in the past and the solutions you’ve found to keep your place in order.

I would love to hear from you, so feel free to leave your comments below.

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