Do you clean your house?

Do You Clean Your House – Take the Test

OK…so we’re going to venture off a bit from the usual “top 10” and “how to” advice for a moment.  I’ve given some tips and insight, and have gotten some amazing feedback (trust me, there’s more to come!), but I thought that instead of just focusing in on the closet, why not take a break.  I thought, “Wouldn’t it be fun Velma (my alter ego) if we took a look at our whole house (did someone just gasp or was that the wind?).

How Clean Is Your House

So, I gotta ask the question: Do you clean your house? And if you do, how often?  Yep…I went there…So before you go looking for the broom to push me out of the room here, let me share a little of my cleaning “credentials” if you will…..

One of my fondest memories, was of my parents going food shopping on Saturdays; my sister would be in her room reading either a dictionary or an encyclopedia, and I would be cleaning. Reading was definitely something I thoroughly enjoyed – Judy Blume NOT the encyclopedia – but loved being able to get the house in shape while my parents went shopping, just so they could come back to a surprise!  I don’t know when, why or how, but I’ve always been cleaning.

Fast forward about three decades…..

I was hired as an Independent Contractor, to work as a housecleaner for a new company.  The concept was that clients could request cleaning for their place (most clients lived in apartments in New York City, but there were a few who lived in a house in one of the boroughs); the request would be submitted to the company’s portal; any of the “professionals” could accept the job, and would then receive all the details about that particular job.  It was quite interesting, in terms of the people I met, and being able to see some parts of New York City that I never visited.  The biggest attraction was that I was able to make up my own schedule.

Although I’m very particular about how I clean my place, you definitely take it up a few notches when you’re being paid to clean someone else’s place!   I’ve cleaned for people that had the doorman, the marble countertops, the balcony overlooking Central Park, some places where I knew that their pet dog was eating better than I was…all very impressive.

But I was shocked to find how many of these clients, outside of dish soap, didn’t own any cleaning supplies!  Nada!  There were a few times when I had to improvise because they didn’t even have a toilet bowl brush!  After the 2nd or 3rd time that I encountered that, I decided to buy the disposable toilet brushes.  So, I can say, with all confidence, that I know how to clean.  Of course, there’s always room for improvement, but I can hold my own!

So, back to my original question…..

Do you clean your house…..and how often?  (nope, I didn’t forget!).  When a friend stops by unexpectedly, do you welcome them in, or do you stand in the doorway, pretending to be really busy?  I still seem uncertain about how to answer my question…no problem!  That’s why I devised a quick little quiz that can test your cleaning skills!  So, pull up a chair…sharpen those pencils…and let’s see if we need to contact the Cleaning Police and issue an APB!!!

How Well Do You Clean Your House Quiz:

1.) Generally speaking, how do you approach cleaning your place?

A.) I clean every day: a little in the morning before leaving, and at night before going to bed.
B.) I usually set aside a couple of hours each we towards cleaning.
C.) I do it only when it’s absolutely necessary.
D.) Can I hire someone?

2.) When the seasons change, how quickly do you transfer your clothes (for those without very large or walk-in closet)? 

A.) I usually do this a month in advance, just in case the weather changes early.
B.) I prefer to do it just before the season changes.
C.) I’m usually a few weeks behind schedule, and just make do with what’s accessible.
D.) I wear the same clothes all year.

3.) How often do you do the dishes (for those without a dishwasher)?

A.) I wash all dishes, pots, and pans, immediately after use, dry, then put them away.
B.) If I don’t wash them by that evening, I wash them first thing in the morning.
C.) My dishes tend to pile up, so I wash as needed.
D.) I order from Seamless so there’s no cooking involved and use disposable dishes and utensils.

4.) Dust mites love dirty sheets.  How often to do you change yours?

A.) Whether they look clean or not, I change my sheets once a week.
B.) My sheets get changed twice a month.
C.) I usually try to change them once a month, but sometimes, I go over.
D.) I buy new ones.

5.) The shower can be used several times a day, especially if you live with other people.  How often do you clean the tub/shower?

A.) How often?  Every day of course!!!
B.) I definitely rinse out the tub/shower after every use, but I only clean it once a week.
C.) Definitely not on a weekly basis, but a few times in a month.
D.) See answer to question #1.

6.) many people are very particular about their floors.  Are they a source of shame or pride?

A.) Gurl, I can serve dinner on my floors!
B.) I usually set aside a time during the week for sweeping, mopping and/or vacuuming.
C.) I clean the floors when they start t look really gross.
D.) I think I have a mop…

7.) How often do you do laundry?

A.) Once, sometimes twice a week.
B.) Every other week works for me.
C.) If I can do it every other month, I’m good.
D.) I drop off my laundry, and even then, I tend to forget to pick it up.

8.) You’re having some friends over for dinner in 2 weeks, how do you prepare?

A.) I made my list of “Things to do” a month in advance and I have daily tasks assigned!
B.) I give myself a full week to get everything completed.
C.) Although I’ve given it a lot of thought, I usually don’t start until a day or two before the event.
D.) I’m still getting things together as guests arrive.

9.) OK, so now that the guests have left, how do you handle clean up?

A.) I had already asked a few friends, a week in advance if they could help me; each one has an assigned task.
B.) I clean up as I go, so there’s less to do once everyone is gone.
C.) I’m usually too tired to do any cleaning that same night, so I wait until the morning.
D.) I start to put away some of the food after about a day or two after the event.

So, let’s see how well you scored: Do you clean your house?

Mostly A’s
You’re a force to reckon with!  The dust and dirt monsters cower in your presence!  It’s not unusual for friends or family to call you for advice on keeping their place organized and clean.
Quick Tip: It’s your place, so you have every right to keep it as clean as you want…just don’t let it take the place of enjoying your life.  Loosen up a bit…maybe one day, just to be wild, leave a cup in the sink for a few hours. If you feel really daring, leave it in the sink overnight!

Mostly B’s
Excellent!  You seemed to have adopted a perfect balance between cleaning and living your life. You know how to set boundaries for yourself, and anyone who lives with you respects that you don’t get too crazy.  More importantly, people love the look of your place and feel very comfortable.
Quick Tip: Keep up the great work and maintain your flexibility!

Mostly C’s
OK…so you seem to have some issues with cleaning.  When people come over, they may not necessarily be looking for little critters that may be lurking in your place, but they also don’t feel right at home.  If a woman clutches her handbag the whole time she’s there, she does NOT feel comfortable!
Quick Tip: It all begins with baby steps; perhaps you can start with giving yourself a schedule of when you should do chores.  I know, “chores” seems so “Little House on the Prairie”; whatever name you want to give it, is fine, just make sure you create a schedule and stick to it!

Mostly D’s
Get your affairs in order, because the Clutter Police will be knocking on your door…any minute now! Is there a cure?  Absolutely!  But it will be a very long, possibly lonely journey.
Quick Tip: Run far and run fast because the police are comin’!

Hope you had some fun with this!  Granted, some of the answers are a bit far-fetched, but I’m sure some can relate.  I would love to hear from you; feel free to leave a comment below.

Remember: Life is messy, but your home doesn’t have to be…let’s go clean!!!

I would love to hear from you, so feel free to leave your comments below.

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